RC Car Parts for Mugen MRX2

we are offering the MRX-2 chassis as two different options:

Option 1: 3mm thick carbon chassis with a 2mm skid plate / under tray. This is of benefit to racers who run minimal ground clearance and hence the under part of the chassis gets worn quite badly over time. This design allows the thinner under tray to be replaced at a lower cost than replacing a whole chassis.

Option 2: 4.5mm - 5mm thick chassis. This allows greater rigidity, but is a one piece chassis and therefore the replacement cost will be greater should the chassis be damaged

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Mugen MRX2 chassis

Part No.


Material Type

Retail Price
in £ Sterling
for carbon

MRX2 01 MRX2 Upper Chassis (3mm) B 35.00
MRX2 02 MRX2 Skid Plate (2mm) C 39.35
MRX2 03 MRX2 One Piece Chassis (4.5-5mm) J Contact us

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