Tamiya Top Force - diagram and list of fibre-lyte parts

Tamiya Top Force

Part No.


Material Type

Retail Price
in £ Sterling
for Carbon

TOP 01 Chassis B 54.40
TOP 02 Top deck A 12.55
TOP 03 Front mount C 10.20
TOP 04 Rear mount C 13.80
TOP 05 Strap A (saddle pack - modified from Dyna Storm) A 3.50
TOP 06 Strap B (saddle pack) A 3.50
TOP 07 Strap C (saddle pack - uses Schumacher posts) A 3.50
TOP 08 Strap D (stick pack) A 2.95
TOP 09 Strap E (stick pack - uses Schumacher posts) A 2.95
**** Please note: all the straps are priced invidually but require two per car ****

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